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Need a good story idea quick? These fantasy writing prompts and plot ideas can be used as inspiration to write your next epic tale. You can use these story ideas and prompts for all types of creative works, whether it be a novel, screen play or other fictional short stories.

The Magic World of Writing Fantastical, Epic Tales

I’ve always loved writing fantasy, simply because in fantasy you can leave all your worries about the real world behind. Fantasy writing is your chance to explore your imagination and discover all sorts of magical and mysterious things.

One of the biggest perks of fantasy writing is unlike realistic fiction, there needs to be no logical sequence for how things happen. You can finally use magic as a reasonable and acceptable explanation for everything.

Like all of our writing prompts, these fantasy fiction prompts and plot ideas are varied on a number of different subjects that can fit into the fantasy genre. Many of these fiction writing prompts can be used for sub-genres of fantasy, such as paranormal romance, urban fantasy, magic realism and more.

Not a fan of the subject? Prefer to stick to medieval times? Any of these epic story ideas can be adapted easily simply by substituting the suggested character with your mythological creature of choice.

Don’t forget, if you like some aspects of a prompt you can always change it for your own needs and what interests you most. The possibilities are endless, and I know there is a book idea here waiting for you to write and publish it.

Even if you don’t have any intentions of writing a fantasy novel, there are many benefits of practicing creative writing with these fantasy writing prompts. Set a timer for 5 minutes and let your imagination run wild with one of these prompts – you never know where it may take you.

Fantasy Writing Prompts for Creative Fiction, Novels, Short Stories, Screenplays and More

These writing prompts are open to your own interpretation and imagination. Many are purposely open-ended to give you a lot of flexibility for the way they are used. Ready? Let the writing begin!

1. The Snow Dragon: You are in the mountain forest when you come face to face with the snow dragon: an adorable, furry, and surprisingly tiny creature who breathes fire.

2. Street Signs: After a young man is killed as an innocent bystander in the cross-fires of gang violence, you notice a mysterious symbol appear on the side of a building.

3. Lilies of the Valley: As the new housekeeper for a prominent wealthy family, one of your tasks is to water all of the house plants. You are watering the lilies in the entry way when one of the plants starts talking to warn you of a dark family secret.

mythological currencies writing prompt

4. The Coin Dealer: You are at a Coin Show when you meet a coin dealer who specializes in collecting mythical currencies.

5. The Fairies Next Door: Being new in town, you decided to introduce yourself to the neighbors. When you knock on the door, you are greeted by a small army of fairies who take you captive.

6. Water Vs. Dirt: There are two major groups of people who live on the planet. The water people, who use water for everything, and the dirt people, who use dirt for everything. Can they learn to co-exist peacefully, or will their entire world become mud?

potions, inc. a fantasy fiction prompt

7. Potions, Inc.: After centuries of a small occult family developing successful potions for love, fortune, and health, the oldest son decides to launch the family business of magic into the corporate world.

8. If Walls Could Talk: After moving to a new town, the Smith Family thinks they found the perfect home. That is, until the walls begin to talk and they learn the house is cursed.

9. Empire of Misfits: A secret society of misfits decides to take over the world, learning to use their greatest flaws as super powers to succeed.

10. The Invisible Castle: A group of friends decide to climb a tower near their home when they discover it leads to an invisible castle in the air that no one else knows exists.

11. Ghost Pirates: Legends claim a notorious pirate buried his treasure along the rocky shores of the cove. James and his girlfriend are at the beach one night when the ghost ship sails in.

fantasy writing prompt photos

12. Photographic Travel: You stare at the man in the photo and wonder what his life might have been like. Next thing you know, you and the person in the photograph have swapped places.

13. The Benevolent Beast: On the edge of town is a giant and fierce looking beast but is actually quite friendly. When strange occurrences start happening in the town, the beast is a prime suspect. Can you protect the beast and clear its name?

14. Gilbert The Giant Goldfish: Life in the koi pond only appears to be peaceful…

15. The Magic Key: After failing in his career and marriage, Will discovers a magic key that unlocks doors that open into a new world.

fantasy writing island queen

16. Island in the Clouds: The Great War left the people of her kingdom stranded on a tethered island in the clouds…

17. Dancing Fever: As the townspeople are overcome with a feverish desire to dance, it’s up to you to find the cause and cure.

18. Paranormal Detective: He has a knack for solving mysteries with the help of a ghost who gives him clues.

19. Darkness Made Daily: The factory you work at is frequently rated “Top 10 Places to Work” across the country. Workers have wonderful health benefits, generous salaries, and plenty of paid vacation time. When your co-worker at the assembly line mysteriously vanishes, it’s up to you to uncover the evil truth of what the factory is manufacturing and put a stop to it.

darkness made daily writing-prompt

20. The Arctic Mermaid: Living deep in the icy waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean are the arctic mermaids, who rescue a child being held captive on a ship.

21. Ring of Storms: “It’s just one those silly mood rings…” or is it?

22. No Words: Mike makes a promise to a mysterious vagrant on the street that leaves his wife speechless.

23. The Psychic Hospital: After being involuntarily committed into the psych ward for being delusional, a patient must somehow convince the doctors all she experiences is real. She is not crazy – and neither are the other patients.

24. Forever Beautiful: You are a cosmetologist at a local gossip-filled beauty salon when you accidentally stumble across a map that outlines the path to the legendary fountain of youth.

25. Out of Paradise: You just got kicked out of heaven. Now what?

26. The Crossing Guards: The crossing guards at a busy intersection of the city do more than just help the living humans walk across the street.

27. Second Chance at Life: At a hospital on one stormy night, the souls of two patients agree to swap places when it becomes obvious neither one will ever be able to return to the life they once knew.

28. The Cowboy and The Witch: He is an outlaw from the wild, wild west and she’s a witch from the Old Country.

29. The False Light Gods: A group of evil entities attempt to trick people into believing they are the good guys by disguising themselves as saints, angels, gods, and goddesses.

30. Utopian Anarchist Society: Tired of the kingdom’s latest . It’s time to do something about it and so you begin your plans for creating the perfect utopian anarchist society.

31. Spirit Radio: After a few too many songs come on the radio at random coincidence, you realize you have a gift to communicate with spirits through music.

32. Flying Cupcakes: A little girl is visiting a busy bakery with her nanny when she  enters the enchanted kitchen and is whisked away into the land of cupcakes.

33. Cosmic Address: You discover there’s a reason the address of your childhood home is 382 Orion Way.

34. The Perfect People: On the outside, they appear to be perfect. Of course, things are never as they actually appear…

35. Soul Fragments: When something tragic happens, it’s often said we lose a piece of ourselves. Your task is to travel through different lifetimes to find these lost parts of self to be whole again.

36. The VooDoo Queen: The fraudulent fortune teller makes her living by conning the local superstitious government officials. When they start to become suspicious, she decides to make a run for it through the bayou where she encounters the ghost of the real VooDoo Queen.

paranormal fantasy writing prompts

37. Ghost Train: Every night, you are awakened by the sound of a train, but the railroad closed down years ago.

38. Trash to Treasure: While exploring an abandoned trash dump location off the coast, a young boy discovers an ancient sword.

39. Planet of Sorrows: It is a place of suffering, brokenness and despair.

40. Reading the Heavens: Each person has a designated star in the sky above. When the stars align, they will be lifted to go home to their true planet.

41. Miners Cove: After a mining village is swallowed by a sinkhole, all traces on the surface disappear, but the civilization continues on in secret for centuries. When modern day explorers come to claim and develop the land, the underground colony must do what they can to protect themselves and their secret world.

42. The Mirror, Cup, and Candle: Legend has it, if you stand in front of a mirror holding a cup and a candle you can jump between dimensions.

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I hope these fantasy writing prompts helped spark your imagination. Whether you are looking for a different and unique style of creative writing exercises or are looking for the elusive perfect novel idea, this list will hopefully get your creativity flowing. And don’t forget – National Novel Writing Month is November!

Do you have any other ideas for fantasy writing prompts not included here? Share your fantasy story writing prompts or plot ideas in the comments section below – you never know who you might inspire to get writing.

And as always if you do write anything using these prompts, we would love to know about it! Tell us where we can find your stories in the comments below, link to this list from your own blog, or use the hashtag #thinkwritten on social media.

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      1. I’m not really what you would call a writer. But I plan on becoming an author one day, and I believe these ideas will help me along that path. Thank you so much.

  1. I have an Idea for a prompt… A girl named Summer is born on The Summer Solstice of 2003, the date that a hero from a prophecy is supposed to be born. When Summer turns 16, Mordred, King Arthur’s supposedly dead nephew, rises, and attempts to take over the world, Summer must team up with Iclyn, A girl born on the winter solstice, with winter powers (summer had summery powers) Lily, a girl with powers born on the spring equinox, and Autumn, a girl with powers born on the fall equinox. The girls train to be knights to defeat the mighty Mordred, before the alignment of the planets, when he will become too powerful to fight.

    1. Wow that’s so awesome ur idea is so cool, keep on writing ur gonna be really great author at this rate👏🔥💯👍

    2. This idea is amazing! You’re a great author and this will make a super cool fantasy book! (like you said, Shreya)

  2. I have written 7 books so far but, and yes, it’s a big BUT, none have managed to catch a big publishers eyes or be the word out there for it to reach the masses. Looking for a big publisher for my 8th manuscript. Shaida mehrban

    1. Hi Shaida, have you considered working with an agent? Sometimes they can help you find a publisher and may be able to give you some feedback on what might make your books marketable. Hope that helps and hopefully you will be able to publish one of your books soon!

  3. I think that some of these are very good, such as the patients that are thought of as crazy story, and the candle in front of the mirror, but others are a bit childish.

    1. I’m glad you were able to find a couple that intrigued you!

      “You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.” – Madeleine L’Engle

    1. Hi Monica, you are welcome to use any of these ideas in your stories. If you publish anything online, we would love it if you could cite our website as inspiration and share this page so it can help inspire others! Thank you for asking and let us know if you write something, we’d love to check it out. 🙂

      1. Hi just to double-check!!! I can have permission to use your story ideas If I later decide to publish books! And become an Author and get pay, IF I could get permission!!!

  4. Ten years after being abandoned to the care of her alcoholic father, the eldest of a pair of identical twin sisters tries to track down her estranged mom. The problem is: the only person who has a clue to her whereabouts is a young boy she hasn’t seen in nearly twelve years. But, he’s not really a boy. He’s a centuries-old fairy who appears mostly human. Except for the fifteen feet raven wings sprouting from his back. What really happened on the night the girl’s mother disappeared, and why does it feel like she isn’t being told the entire truth about her.

  5. I have so many story ideas and I did wrote some out but threw them away (oops) I did write a story but lost interest in it cause so much stuff was happening and now, I’m trying to focus on 1 but don’t know where to begin or how to write it :< I really like fantasy and your ideas are cool ^^

  6. Story Idea a beautiful women uses her charm and beauty to get out of poverty and uses people to get what she wants because she thinks she deserves the best, in the end everything comes back to her.
    Story Idea Two sisters exasperated a birth one rich one poor meet again and switched lives one goes to replaces the others life and lives a lavish lifestyles the bad sister while the other takes care of the other family the good sister!

  7. I was thinking about an idea for a novel and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on it.

    Eren Hawkings wakes up from a coma after a dangerous car crash. During his Coma, he has strange visions that show to him the future of the world. And Eren’s entire life layed out before his eyes. During these he finds out that he will find true love. However, his love will die at a very early age to a rare virus. He will not pass through college, becoming a victim of a school shooting. His friends leave him to survive on his own in the world. How will he handle these visions, and will he be able to stop these visions from becoming reality.

    (I’m only 13 and still learning the steps to becoming an author)

    1. Hi Zach,

      There’s really no such thing as a bad idea for a book – it’s all in how the story is told and how it develops. I was 14 when I wrote my first novel – it’s simultaneously the worst and best thing I’ve ever written. The worst because I was a beginner and its badly written. The plot is a disaster, the characters are cliche, the grammar is painful.

      And yet, it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever written. Writing something badly is what helped me become a good writer. {And writing things badly is actually the entire premise of the book I’m currently publishing!}

      The best way to learn is by doing. Start writing! You can always edit/revise/write a different story later.

    2. Story idea: There are four ancient tribes in a feud. Little do they know, a darker force than them all intends to get rid of them. Four girls from each tribe, intend to find out why the feud started in the first for the sake of saving there tribes.

  8. Hi I just want to repost my idea.
    A girl wakes up and she has no idea where she is. Soon, she realizes that she is trapped in a laboratory/maze inhabited by a crazy alchemist or somewhat. The reason she’s captured is because in her past life, she had a terrible secret that he needs to know. But she refuses to tell him the secret after she communicates with the ghost of her past life. eventually, she escapes and defeats him and saves her past life and her present one. Except, she is unaware that since she doesn’t tell him the secret, there is a terrible cost about to destroy her utterly.

    I kinda changed it.

  9. I’m planning a DnD campaign with a general, really loose idea, using these to fill in some gaps and make it more interesting.

  10. I’ve been trying to write a really good story for a while but I’m stuck. Can you give me any ideas including the following? Thanks in advance. (I will be checking my email every day for your reply 🙂


    Mystical Creatures

    1. Hi. I have an ideas but I get writer’s block. I can’t write properly. My idea to develop is the Ghost Train or The Snow Dragon 🙂 can you please help me write a story and help get rid of my writer’s block 🙂

  11. thanks a lot i’m behind lots of essays and you saved my life thanks a lot I will come here if i need any more ideas.
    – See you later

  12. Story Idea: Nora Redford has grown up without a mother. When one magical Christmas Eve she is given a wish, she asks to see her mother. Nora is given a map to the Island of The Dead and she goes on an adventure through different worlds to find her mother.

  13. Every time i go over to our grandmas my cousins and i all play these games based on fantasy and Mid evil. Lately we have run out of ideas, so i am for sure book marking this also my parents tell me to write so this will make it a lot more fun!

  14. Here’s my idea:

    In Northern England, a gang of teenage girls discover a magical jewel that belonged to the Romans. The Romans used that Jewel to put a curse on their newly conquered land, a curse that would turn all teenage girls there into boys. When the Romans left Britain, the curse was revoked and they destroyed any evidence: expect for that one jewel. They buried it and made a sign reading “Non tangere” (do not touch) next to it. the teenage girls ,manged to get it and horribly pronounced the magic Latin spell next to it, awaking the curse.

  15. Thank you very much!!! My english teacher assigned me a homework of writing a novel in a month.. These plot ideas are so cool and helpful!!
    By the way, isn’t the ‘soul fragment ” plot similar to Voldemort’s in the Harry Potter series? And, I have another problem..I just can’t think of a really rare female character name. Could someone please suggest me some names?

  16. Hi, there!
    I want to write a story of the Nutcracker but I am stuck tight! I’ve written several attempts on the story but every time, I bump into a wall. Something’s just not coming out the right way. Need some help here!

    1. Hi Mary Ann, did you create an outline? That can help you identify a roadmap for the story so that when you hit a wall you know which direction to go. Keep trying, I know you can do it!

  17. Very well-written! Thanks for sharing this great article Chelle..
    Writing Fantasy Fiction doesn’t have to be daunting and difficult. Thank you!

  18. Dren kind of works; I’ve used it for a character who’s transfluid, but I don’t know what you’re swinging for :P.

    There’s also Feven, which looks weird but it’s pronouned like Raven but with an F, so it’s pronouned Fay-ven, or Fae-ven. The spelling is also changeable, since it’s your character! Do what fits.

    Farah, which I just think is pretty. :>

    Nimah, which I also find pretty. (I find a lot of things pretty XD)

    Leyra, which is also changeable, Laerah, Leira, do what you feel is right.

    Kioni, (pronounced key-o’-knee; funny spelling huh?) I had a friend named Kioni, and I just thought the name was pretty unique.

    Soriah; (pronounced as it is, so-rye-ah, and the spelling can be changed!) my older sister was going to be named this, but at the last minute she was called Christa instead. (Christa is just a variation of Krista, as my name, Jayda, is a variation of Jada.)

    If you’re feeling fancy, you can even use my middle name, Zaharra. Or Zara if you want it shorter.

    That’s all from me! Hope I could help!

  19. So uhh this is my short story that I made for the first one. The Snow Dragon.
    It’s kind of long so if you don’t want to read it then it’s fine but I saw other people doing this so I thought why not?
    I trek up the mountain, putting one foot in front of the other, determined to finally get to the top this time, while the sky falls in tiny crystal balls around me. Soon the snow starts plummeting down in sheets, blocking my path and covering everything, the trees, the grass, and the ground in a sheet of white.
    Trying to escape the gloomy weather, I look for a cave. I remember finding it the last time I was exploring the woods and mountains near my house. The truth is, I live in the middle of nowhere and it gets quite lonely when you are the only person your age around. It’s just my mother and father, who are faithful farmers. My father goes to the village nearest here every other week in our only carriage to trade food for clothes and other necessities.
    If I remember correctly, the cave is somewhere around the clearing a few meters ahead. After searching more thoroughly, I find it carved inside the edge of a hill covered by the shade of trees and bushes. The gentle snow seems to have turned into a storm in the last few minutes.
    I step inside and take off my scarf that was covering my face and finally breathe freely. I rub my hands together to create some heat.
    After I have made myself comfortable, I finally take in my surroundings. The cave is dark and covered with jagged rocks everywhere I look. Every nook and cranny is sharp and the shadows dance in the changing weather, taunting me to come to them. There are a few insects scuttling around on the floors. I see a spider web on the rocks. A flea is stuck on it.
    I walk in deeper, ready to investigate the strange cave further. As I trudge along, I see something that makes me freeze.
    Something big and alive.
    There is some sort of creature in the furthest corners of the cave. And it seems to be sleeping. As I walk closer to it, I make sure to keep my footsteps light.
    Now I am standing right on top of it. I think that it is an animal. It’s skin is white, it’s head is tucked into itself and it is curled into a ball. Definitely sleeping.
    The creature’s white tail is flipping back and forth as if it is having a pleasant dream.
    No, wait, that’s not skin. That’s scales. The entire animal is covered in scales. Strange. I have never seen something like this before. Only small animals like snakes and reptiles have scales.
    I reach my hand down to touch it, now only centimeters away. The tip of my finger brushes what I’m assuming is the head.
    The tiny creature whips it’s head around and a growl arouses from its throat. I stumble back in surprise and fall back on my behind.
    The animal stands up on all fours and shakes its head, letting out a small blast of fire in the process.
    You see, the white scaled creature isn’t an animal at all.
    It’s a dragon.

  20. These are the best writing prompts I have ever seen! I love this site and your writing! Thank You! #Never Stop Writing!

  21. Hi, I am having trouble with writing a book. I have writer’s block and I need ideas for a story about people from a different planet looking for people with the same birthstone to tell their secrets but I have no clue where to start. I been wanting to write stories but I am 14 and have no clue where to start.

  22. I meant people from a different planet going to Earth in a disguise looking for a person that believes in fantasy place. Then the people from the different planets will reveal their true identity only to them if they tell any one the people from the different planet fade in color and turn gray.
    I need names for these creatures and a way how to do it.
    I don’t know if I want to do a comic book, chapter book,or picture book.

  23. I´m writing something with the four basic elements and how these four teenagers have powers. So far, I have Flare, Aura, Wade, and Sten.
    Flare has fire, Wade has water, Aura has air, and Sten has earth abilities. They live in different realms. I would like to hear your ideas.(If you guys have any)

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