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It’s not easy to make money writing poetry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! We’ve updated this post today with a few more ideas of ways you can really make money writing poems.

The biggest challenge for most poets is finding a way to make an income doing the thing they love. Making money from writing poetry isn’t always the easiest way to support your writing passion. Let’s be realistic: most publishers are not begging for poetry submissions.

However, thanks to many different internet opportunities, there are many ways for you to make money online from your poetry. In this post, we’ll share some unusual yet very real methods of making money online from writing poetry.

make money writing poetry

Why Is it So Hard to Make Money From Poems?

Poetry, as much as it is loved and revered, is not always the best paying form of writing. When compared to other forms of written work, such as books and freelance article writing, you can find it very difficult to find a market for your work.

Poetry money might be hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to earn a living from poetry. There ARE ways to find success as a poet.

When it comes to selling your written work, it all basically revolves around one very important thing: who is your audience, and what are they looking for?

Shorter form books such as collections of poems CAN sell and do well – this is becoming truer than ever as people’s lives are busier and more hectic than ever.

A book of poetry and verse can be a nice change of pace that allows people to enjoy reading in small bits between their busy schedules.

However, getting a book of poems published is notoriously difficult. Most major publishing houses do not actively solicit poetry submissions. Today, major publishers are looking for opportunities that have a lot of market potential not only as a book but also in film rights and merchandising.

Books like The Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter aren’t just great stories – they have unlimited potential for licensing to be used on everything from T-Shirts to Lego brick sets.

Does this mean your dreams of publishing poetry are hopeless? Of course not! It just means you need to find a publisher who understands the poetry market.

In order to publish your poems as a book, you will need to be diligent in researching where to submit your work or consider working with a literary agent to pitch your work on your behalf.

What About Self Publishing Your Book of Poems?

Many poets consider self-publishing as a means of getting their poems out there and making revenue. This is always of course a great option – even many established authors who have been published through traditional means find it a lucrative way to boost their bottom line.

However, self-publishing can still have it’s downfalls. There may be unexpected expenses related to printing and formatting, and you of course are still responsible for marketing your work to ensure the book actually sells.

You definitely CAN sell your books of poetry – and maybe even do very well selling it as a print-on-demand book or giving it away for free through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program – but it is a bit of work and you will likely need to work on creating your own author platform to get any readers or sales.

Fortunately, there IS a huge market for poems and easier ways to make money – but you have to think a little bit out of the box!

make money writing poetry

It All Comes Down to Understanding Your Audience: Who Will Read Your Poems? What do they need?

The biggest factor in understanding how poetry can sell well in today’s current world is the audience.

Who needs poetry? What are their reasons for wanting poetry?

Once you understand who your market is, you are ready to start exploring all the many different ways you can share your poetry with the world AND get paid for it.

Making money by writing poetry might sound too good to be true – but there IS a demand for it, once you know the right angle to approach selling and sharing your work.

Consider some of these examples of target audiences

Here are just a few examples of the types of target audiences who might be willing to pay for poetry:

  • People who need a poem for a special event or celebration: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.
  • People who enjoy reading poetry casually online
  • Someone interested in unique displays, artwork and accessories for their home, school or office {This one is often very surprising to writers, More on this on a bit!}
  • Someone looking for unique gifts for family and friends

The greater the need for poetry, the more likely you are to be successful in selling your poems.

For example, someone who is searching for a romantic love poem for their partner for Valentine’s Day or their wedding anniversary has a higher need and demand than someone who is just interested in casually reading new poems they discover online.

make money writing love poems
Selling your poetry writing services for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other events can be a great way to earn money from poems.

Some of these target audiences we shared might surprise you – especially the target audience of people looking for unique artwork and displays!

A book is not the only way to publish and sell your poems – and the demand for unique accessories and artwork is a lot bigger than you might think!

Now that we understand a bit more about the different target audiences who want to buy poems, we can go into the many different ways you can make money online writing poetry.

Here’s 4 Ways You Can Make Money With Poetry

1. Sell Poems & Services on Fiverr:

Fiverr is a website where people can hire you to do a task for $5. Of course, many people on Fiverr charge much more than that!

You can create a listing offering to write a custom poem for $5 or another price – $15, $20, or even $100 if that’s more reasonable. Be sure to include some images and examples in your listing, as this will make it more attractive to potential buyers.

This can be a great way to offer an inexpensive poetry writing service for people who may want to gift a poem to a loved one for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Creating an account is very easy to do, and you simply need to optimize your profile to showcase your poetry writing services as an available service you offer on the website to make money online with your poems.

2: Create a Website of Your Poems:

poetry websites for making money

Having your own website of poetry is another method of making money online. I did this a few years ago and averaged several hundred dollars a month from the advertising revenue on the poems.

While this may not seem like much, this can really add up over time – especially as you build up traffic to your website and create a following.

Once you gain enough traffic to your website, you can begin exploring different advertising partners who can help you get paid as much as $10-$15 for every 1,000 visitors you have to your website.

It takes a little bit of learning on how to set up a website and how to get traffic and advertisers, but this is a very viable option to do something you love while earning some side cash. Using free blogging software like WordPress is a great way to get started with creating an affordable website.

3: Sell On-Demand Items With Your Poetry:

Print on demand examples for selling poetry
Print on demand examples for selling poetry

Sites like make it possible for you upload images to sell on items like poster prints, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more. While you will need some sort of photo editing program to do this, you can turn your poems into items for sale.

Poems on items such as these can be a great way to not only create more awareness about your work, but can make for unique gift ideas for others, especially if you focus on creating poems suitable for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and Birthdays.

4: Sell Poems on Etsy:

Etsy is a store of everything handmade. You can create prints of your poems on paper in a frame or on a canvas and sell that way. If you liked the idea of creating print-on-demand products, Etsy can also be integrated with websites such as Printful, making your start up costs very minimal.

In addition to selling your print-on-demand poetry items on Etsy, you could also explore other possible handmade products, such as selling your own greeting cards.

You can also offer custom poetry writing services, or even an eBook of the poems you have written. With the right marketing, this can be a good way to get your poems in the hands of others while getting paid for your work.

A simple search on Etsy for “poem” and “poetry” and you will get some great ideas for ways to sell your unique poems there!

It’s true: you probably won’t make a TON of money selling your poems to magazines and newspapers, but there ARE publications that still pay poets and are worth

Sadly, there are fewer and fewer reputable websites willing to pay writers online for their unique poems. Popular websites such as Associated Content, Gather, and Triond no longer exist, and many others have merged with other content writing platforms which no longer accept poetry submissions.

Fortunately, as we listed above there are still many unique ways you can make money with the unique and original poems you write! We will continue to seek out different ways to make money publishing poetry online and update this list as we discover them.

Bottom Line: Yes, You Really CAN Make Money Writing Poetry!

I hope this post helps inspire you to think out of the box and consider some original and unique ways you can make a full-time income and living from your passion to write poems and verse.

While it may be the untraditional route from a published book featuring a collection of poems, all of these options are quite lucrative to help you as a writer have the income to support your love for writing!

Do you have any other ideas for ways poets can make money online writing poetry? Have experiences of ideas you have tried for making poetry money? We would love to hear from you – Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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    1. We all are good poets. But the thing about poetry is everyone thinks they are good. So don’t just talk about it. SHOW It

      1. I want to make some fast cash,with my writing. I have fillers, poetry, and short stories. I also designed several greeting cards and verses. Used to do fashion illustrating back in the day. My problem is, I don’t want to wait for answers. How can I make fast cash?

      2. i make my poems mean more than just a poem, i make them a story, a picture, a memory, i use my thoughts and memories to create them, and it makes it more of a life…….than a poem

      3. i write a poem when i get inspired by something but am not very good at spelling but i am good so i need help publishing them

      4. I like to write I like to sing
        I like most everything
        As long as it involves food and beer
        I know you can relate
        Cause that’s why you’re here
        You like steak you drool over lobster
        Sutton down at the table
        Or boom you just got it from a mobster. Lol

        1. You, mister
          are a tongue twister,
          clever what you did
          and indeed,
          I’m here cause there’s something I need.

      1. Hi Alausa, you can always create a collection of your own poems and self publish them! Amazon KDP is pretty easy to get started with and often self published poets with a fanbase are quickly picked up by the traditional publishers!

        See this post we wrote all about that to learn more! How to Publish Your Book

  1. Well I really do love to rhyme
    I do it almost all of the time
    In everything that I seem to do
    Like right now while im talking to you
    The words they can flow so fast
    At the same time I’m having a blast
    It just seems to come naturally
    It’s just easy for someone like me
    And I’ve no doubt the you are the same
    Our rhymes will put many to shame
    But how to convert it to money
    The reality of it seems so funny
    Who would be willing to pay
    For us writing this particular way
    Maybe our friends our mom and our dad?
    This won’t buy my flash bachelor pad
    And I don’t think it will make me rich
    That’s an idea I’m gonna have to ditch
    I could write songs but where and who do I see?
    There’s so many it looks flooded to me
    Will they really just hand me a song?
    For me to make words fit along?
    And there’s greetings cards, what about them?
    You would have thought that this is a jem
    But there’s thousands of people like us
    Competing for the seats on this bus
    The experienced ones get the right
    Making it harder for us to stand and fight
    So us poets and rhyme masters we stop
    Seems no way out, time to close shop
    Not for me no way I won’t quit
    No surrender I’m just not done with it
    There just has to be a place I’ll fit in
    Somewhere my career my passion can begin
    So I’ll look and I’ll search and we’ll see
    I might become famous for writing poetry
    And on that note I’ll stop this essay
    I sometimes get so carried away
    Good luck to you people, you never know
    In which direction in life we will go
    I just hope that you find a career
    That makes you smile from ear to ear.

    1. Guess, my surmise is to reply
      To know, is to go, 2 feet in
      On the side, with 1 foot high
      Keep up your end,
      if you intend, to (c)ee the sky…

      Pename, ArcLive
      In case you didn’t notice, a poet
      Linguistics characteristic of Langston Hughes
      A dream deferred, with a bomb diffused
      *Anvil* is shrapnel, into a capsule of what I use

      …my word, bonded, like criminals without *10 %’
      Esoteric deeper than lyrics, that ‘beat’ to the indolence.. Peace!

    2. In a world where words speak louder,
      One would wonder why we choose to chatter,
      But come on there’s a better way to use this,
      Read some poetry that will give some peace,
      We poets only need a pen and paper,
      Then we put our brains to write words that last forever,

      I enjoy writing whenever and wherever,
      If I can get you to feel maybe it can ease your fever,
      But then comes the issue of a pay check,
      If I said I didn’t care that would render me fake,
      But for now I’ll try to write a bunch more,
      Maybe soon my book will be in a bookstore,

      It may be now, tomorrow or later,
      Either way when I’m there I’ll be better,
      I’ll use today as a ground to perfect my skill,
      Recognition will come chasing me because I’m real,
      I’ll take this opportunity to say I loved the work by Andy,
      Really felt like taking a look in the mirror while enjoying some candy..

      lol I’m out!

    3. a bit of motivation
      is our strength and moral
      in lines of sparks we are amazing
      a tune in cords of thoughts so loyal
      who can utterly destroy our pride
      a happily journey expects no size
      for all we value is from inside
      a ride away, gives fresh air
      til’ the writer weigh what he/she have
      no men unjust can seize the snare
      many trapped to doom, die in curves
      but real inks looks through the margin straight up
      admiring the arts voice page a true way love
      for this is who we are, clocking drops made up
      like rain flattering the soil,crops energy reign above
      this is poetry surrendering hands up.
      never give up!

      1. A snare here, a glare there.
        I couldn’t come up with words here.
        Looking up and down the comments to get a clue,
        I gathered a few here and a few there to make a queue.
        Now I got a few lines there,
        Finally i summed up to comment here.

        1. oh no what’s this?
          Here and there
          my slow mind gets lost into thin air?
          meta linggi might be the greatest in here
          but I don’t wanna sound unfair.

    4. Dude are you me,
      You must be?
      We’ve gotta meet.
      Maybe smoke some tree?
      We could just enjoy this moment at least.
      Let me
      Just release.
      I wish you all peace.
      Even when negativity,
      Is in the crease,
      Of your sleeves.
      Haha this is so fun.

    5. What man! I was amazed to hear
      U r awesome coz u don’t fear
      To write whatever ur brain vomits
      It’s as natural as light emits
      As soon as u switch it on
      U r like bulb, a poet by born

    6. Nice one Andy
      Keep them they’ll come in handy
      Some day some time
      You’ll be the one on some mind
      To write a great line
      Making life worthwhile
      All the best
      Let God do the rest!

    7. I like the way you tried to explain the art of writing a poem sing the skill of rhyme.
      The fight you fight to is right
      With all wits and gritss might
      I am another rhyming fenetic
      Singing to the beats of your scenic explanation.
      Thank you sir.
      James koyapo

    8. You good with words
      I can’t withsay
      Poetry is a gift you can’t delay
      We’re all poets who can relate
      When they come you can’t delete

      But cheers to all who passed me by
      With poems and smiles in place of hi
      My hopes and wish was one too many
      But dreams don’t last without a penny

      In a world of wealth we count in piles
      Across the distance of a thousand miles
      But words of hope I can’t rely
      And that’s a truth we can’t deny

      It’s gonna be fine
      But we can’t define
      The steps we take to reach the top
      Without a drop and never a stop

      That’s all I’m here to leave you with
      Will meet again just do not quit
      Our broken world is all in dire
      With feeble hearts we will inspire

  2. I need to publish my poems (fist volume) – 25 poems. Anyone interested to be a co-sponsor kindly leave keep me informed.

  3. i don’t think so that i am good poet but yes each and every experiences i have write down in form of poetry. so every poetry close to my heart.not only earn to money but also i want to my identity.which is only ” Rani”. so pls guide me how to achieve all of this.

    1. You need only to get yourself out there and to try and develop a sort of background of your work. It takes patience and perseverance. You do good if you simply try.

  4. The more I read the more I fuss
    Statements made beyond eternity bond
    How can a man have heaven inflow
    And not have a voice in the world
    Words so frugal and frail
    Yet defines the true meaning of life
    Cash flow or not in the singing bone
    Eternity will hear my royal rhymes
    For I will sound it to the hearts of men
    And they will hail it even in silent graves
    Fret not oh poet of our time
    For money goes with the one with words
    The one who has a tale within
    And will tell it whether paid or not…

  5. It is awesome to see you love words
    Now make it also your your swords
    True, you can move mountains
    If you speak on real things
    for the world is today in shambles
    Are you ready to light those candles?
    Be you the change you wish to see
    This gold must you now dig
    For our words are the only flowers left
    In this world that is now full of theft.

  6. i have just spot a eye in the ink
    to see the lie in the think
    can it be how we should link
    together in the sink

    as collective we meet
    a small world full of sheets
    scripts and paper role for fees
    i almost forget life needs

    such as, who was the pen
    that if, i can easily might earn
    a gain of knowledge to plan
    constructive builders to end

    dusty shoulders and boots
    plenty folders to look
    rusty moulder in roots
    pick up the length of leaves shoots

    it all works for good!

  7. realy wish to be a good poet
    and loved your all comment
    all your words gave me moral
    that i can’t quit but keep up
    wish famous ones see us
    for we have a good work to show up
    Andy, you’re a good poet
    hope you become famous
    also arclive, bupe, and chibuike
    i wish we all succeed.

  8. Wow.. Seems we all good in this and if we take it more seriously, we could earn little money from it I Bet you. The thing is how can we take our poems out to the public and sell. how can we upload them everywhere online.. I really wanna know how to…I dnt knw ’bout you!

  9. Life want never be handed, That what some people now fail at, Currently, Got see what is front of you, Experience, Live it, Dont ever take it for granted, God may call that person home in a split second, So got be thankful all times, That he bless you highly, When he gave you life to live right by, When your two feet out, Out your mother’s womb landed…. Bro. T.Richardson

  10. Poetry! Language of the soul, those who have discovered this gem have truly found inner gold, a priceless tool for expression which can also help to murder depression, let us orchestrate our words in a manner that will show the masses what really matters, we can’t be in multiple places at once but that’s the beauty of writing, the internet is our worldwide wall for expression, welcome to my poetry court and we are now in session.


    1. I Absolutely LOVED your convey! I Appreciate reading that more than words can say! Blessed be the Reader* who comes across this on any given day…
      For as a Poet*, I’m Sure You Know It…It’s A Pleasure, as Well Treasure, To Express Words As {Signature} Relay!

  11. Words Destruct,
    words Destroy,
    I Employ,
    words of Mistrust,
    words of Ill-Fate,
    words that have Brocken my off-late,
    Sounds my Heart finds
    hard to contemplate,
    Musical notes that dont
    make up a Song,
    Words swallowed in
    the Midst of a Hearing,
    Justice without Judgement,
    Jury without the
    Warped begging in Agony,
    Convulsions of a Depleted past,
    a Black-Out, with lights
    Swirling in mind,
    Can’t escape this lifeline,
    the Emptiness is Binding
    Etched scars the Restore the
    your Heart is a Trap,
    where Scorched
    Memories lie,
    so Goes a Poet’s Plea

  12. my life is a shadow
    in witch no one sees
    for i am in the darkness
    and will soon become the darkness
    if this poetry
    can not make me a bright tree
    in witch is metaphorically
    a sign of a better me

    its not that good, but i just made it up now.

  13. This all for now the joy of doing fine,i want to rhyme haters off the race wanna get paid for my lines,brothers in pen and paper how can i cause this ill fate to wither,what must i do to make summer winter,wanna be classic famous and rich,black world,white truss its not my turn to be at loss so at present i give in to poetic blessings i am emmanuel and you all are my love*

  14. These days its so hard to earn a quick dollar…Theres no money in poetry so why even bother…Trusting these websights gets harder and harder…Anyone can screenshot and claim to be author.
    What we need is to brainstorm together…Come up with an idea thats original and clever….
    A website that provides others with templates…those who may lack that poetic essence…
    For any occasion any event….just fill in the blanks…download and print…
    This could be huge…this could be grand…this is my idea….im placing in your hand….Goodluck…Remeber Me…
    Brooks Barker….Kerman CA

    1. This is the best poem on here so far! All the others I felt like they were written by someone drunk at the bar!

  15. I’ve got writing talent
    But is now silent
    Has failed to save me
    From what I’ve turned to be
    I mean to be poor
    Days without being a chewer
    We compete for left-overs
    While others enjoying clovers
    Aren’t we equal in God’s view?
    I doubt if that’s true
    Our eyes have been blue
    Our bodies – victims of flu
    Due to our irrespected talent
    I mean the writing talent
    I think I rather be violent
    Being poor but innocent?
    I’ve been patiently waiting
    Now it’s time for waisting

  16. Life is like a timeline,
    A series of events.
    Building love and making memories,
    Until it all makes perfect sense.
    There is no need to be in a hurry,
    It is not a race.
    It’s waking up every morning and having dreams that you can chase.

  17. Am a poet and am nt doing this for money,am doing this because poems helps us understand our self’s better and it reminde us where we come from…am not doing this to impress people and i have 20 poems any one who are interested please inform me and any one who can be my co-sponsor please inform me…………

  18. Am just here reading all your poems as they rhyme…
    Reading each line at a time…
    Am happy I got great poets here….
    who dream big and wants to be there….
    Our success time may differ…
    but trust me your time isn’t far…
    keep doing what your doing….
    keep pouring out your heart and feeling….
    let the ink flow….
    like a bomb let your words make the mind blow…
    heal hearts with them….
    make nations stand firm….
    Bring broken families together….
    And make marriages last forever….
    You’ve got a pen….
    Use it to slay a lion in its den…
    You’ve got a paper….
    With your words in them, you can touch the heart of your maker…
    Words are the only true power of a poet…
    So with it, let’s make mountains melt…
    IamDaniel Abraham
    Blessed with words Gifted with the pen…
    You can add me up via facebook – IamDaniel Abraham.. or via email-

  19. And then it came unto me large grins
    After consuming letters from sweet greens
    CO with inks on their papers and words on their lips
    I wonder sometimes when they will go through our flips
    And get amazed with our patent natural flows
    Then reality made it seems for us there are no blows
    For the world is too much and we are shattered
    with our inks on papers everywhere scattered
    Never the less, above the skies live-in existence
    which means we’ve got no limits but with persistence
    My cap is doped for all colleagues in pen
    Who make feelings and memories worthwhile in the hearts of men

    Hullaloo, I’m out…

  20. So I didn’t start it but I’m gonna be apart it

    Look all I got is hope mixed with confidence
    Assertiveness because at the end of the day it’s all competitive
    Welcome to the world our capitalistic society
    So I move my pen fast as a armed robbery
    To steal hearts, reveal smarts and infinite mortality
    Unravel beats through speech
    The essense of language is poetry
    A thought provoking MC
    Thought all I had was me
    Now I got my pen and you reading
    You gotta start smoewhere keep scheming
    This is our art
    Hustle it smart
    I write cause I love it and will figure out a way
    If you would like to hear more please follow my link
    In this ocean of life
    What will you do?
    Sink or swim?

  21. I have been writing poems since I was 16yrs old right at the point that I am I would like to write poems and being able to get the books published I have been trying now for months and nothing. I just want a chance
    and the ability to prove it…. I have about two books in rough draft and would again I just would like a chance.



  22. I am not a poet but it just came through out my experience when I wrote it 🙂

    The reason I came was you
    The reason I laughed was you
    The reason I loved was you
    The reason I cared was you
    The reason I spoke was you
    The reason I dressed was you
    The reason I left was you
    It’s just you and you and you
    But u never made me a reason for anything
    Which made me you 😀

  23. hi I’m Antonio a young poet I live poetry poetry is part of me I have my way through poetry I do poetry because I’m in love with it I would love to have a sponsor


    Lusting after wishful thoughts
    Dreaming of life while living unreal reality
    My hopes and desires conflict against what I amount to
    As my chances battle this existence
    I know
    Where I’m going and what I’m doing is just happening as it comes
    With no plan in life I get no goal in mind
    With no goal for effort
    My will just won’t



    The moment I expell the days rot of filth is when lying to rest as were puzzled to piece’s and wrapped in desires and insecurities we share, that moment to me with you is everything I believe in for us.



    Imagining the pretend in make believe is my most realistic ability!


  25. And so it Is
    as this truth bares this fall
    Poetry takes it all.
    As Putrid lines clutch
    illogically matched.
    In a battle to compete
    yet with no sense of complete.
    We leave her in shame
    As our egoes battle in a helpless game.

    In short,

    To clad a pen as a weapon without reason,
    my fellow poets
    Is a crime beyond treason.
    Non is better than the other because together, we are ONE.

  26. that i need my doh
    does not make me fast but slow
    To Thinking, to Memories, to Love
    to White Warmth of the Dove.
    i was from Nigeria,
    yet to speak America.
    though the plaque went through my senses
    i did, in time slow hand put my lenses
    to see hows life a Mystery,
    I weep for father, my Father, who died
    by the coldness of hot Mystery
    he thought me how to dream, he said,

    My Father, Oh! I’m thy plight
    Thy truth, shall I Turn To Light.

  27. ALONE
    Alone, I said things to discourage myself from trying.
    I had lost hope.
    Boredom was waiting for me to roll solo so he could use me
    Oh damn, he was so cunning that one.
    My mind thought of lies, illusions and temptations
    Loneliness, you nearly ruined my life.
    The sinful fantasies, oh Sadness! You nearly got me into it,
    The life of the dark, the bad luck and the death hole
    Said things to myself that I couldn’t say to any other, those hurt me
    The cursing, discriminations and weaknesses which you tied to my tongue
    They were weapons against me.
    I was lost
    Can’t you see?
    I was a total distraction to myself?
    Did I ever get married to you loneliness?
    Answer me, gut damn at
    You can’t even talk or entertain me.
    So today I’m divorcing you foe,
    You are nothing but a disgrace
    I don’t want to feel you at all.
    I was a slave for long,

  28. How good will they be
    A few words from me
    Having such a great time
    Making words rhyme
    We live and we love
    It’s a gift from above
    Write it, live it , wear it
    If you don’t like it repair it
    The words that come you feel
    At times imay be so surreal
    It’s a story, a thought, a release
    Time to unleash the beast

  29. I write poetry for a living as a typewriter poet on the street and at markets where I average $150 per day. People just request a poem and I write it on the spot, usually within 3=4 minutes.

  30. Am proud to be of this community of poets.I am elated to knw dat we are not giving up in our quest to revive ths greatest of poetry.march on poetic soldiers our pen;our sword.

  31. writes are passionately indoors
    waiting to rip what they sore,
    like wine when brood
    their words mature, better more
    for they love is true, and believe is prove.
    so when excellent swords linger
    flabbergasting a reader,
    with emotions of comfort.
    I hold in hand
    ink dagger to
    piercing the paper with sentences that
    tiers pockets, of critics beyond borders of mathematic.
    would my intrinsic way
    feeding me bread at list………….

  32. Anxiously I sit…
    Captivated by the resounding whisper
    A hushed scream a little clearer now
    Ever changing seasons yet the weather stays the same
    Too much time spent wandering, time for pen to page.

    If anyone could direct me I would greatly appreciate it. Like most of you I have a yearning for more. To use a gift, as each of you also have shown, that has been given and entrusted by God.
    I especially do well in short stories, non traditional poetry, love letters, quotes, and apologies… I guess that gives a stark look into my life this far.
    If there is any interest from anyone who reads this and feels that what I am saying speaks to you… you know who you are, I would welcome the opportunity to write for profit. I am a God fearing Christian, husband, and father who loves to write so please respond as serious inquiries only, please without brash language or cursing. I am interested in clean words from the heart that can speak life or experience to others. Below I will leave a few excerpts… opinions appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

    …A yearning burns within
    To become something great
    To become a story when dead and gone
    That spoke meaning and reason into a young ones heart
    The dream arises from an ashy ground
    The mud that is wet from tears of confusion drains from this new existence
    Now it has taken its rightful place…

    Another excerpt
    … dead or alive becomes a stench you cannot hide
    Bury me deep in my own self doubt
    Tell me I’m insecure
    I reached out for you but you pushed me from the ledge
    As I fall screaming to the ground
    No pity, I don’t deserve
    Sorry for myself no more
    As I lie in the bed I have made…

    Another excerpt
    …looking one direction, into your eyes
    I can see everything that surrounds me
    Blinding everything behind and unveiling the future ahead…

    Another excerpt
    … as I stare through the stained glass windows of your heart
    I notice every drop of paint and every stroke of brush
    Every color speaks another memory
    Every shade another dream
    As I stare I can only hope for my love
    That is now no more than a grain of sand
    To one day exist as another treasured glass
    Another window on your heart…

    Another excerpt
    … so I kissed you on your forehead and pulled the covers to your chin
    And said a prayer again for you to let me in
    I can’t imagine life without you
    My every hope lies in your eyes
    Every breath I breathe every dream I dream…

    Another excerpt
    You still take my breath when you walk by
    I still get that feeling deep inside
    My soul
    I can’t let you go
    You’ve opened up every part of me
    There’s nothing left for you to see
    The truth
    Is in front of you and this is my song to you…

    Another excerpt
    … as I stare into the clear night sky
    I beg for storm clouds to collide
    My pride has murdered who I am
    I’m left standing in this barren land
    No one to blame here but myself
    Void inside… like empty pictures on a shelf…

    Another excerpt
    … The words run through my head like a wildfire, like 10000 ants marching in every direction. By the time they reach the end of my tongue or end of pen… they’re gone. Although sometime not completely gone, just pieces to a puzzle missing. My thoughts spill out on paper, those of daydreams, experiences, love, loss, and segments of life. A deeper meaning always lies, just on the other side. My minds eye, my hearts true testimony, my thoughts of life…

    One more excerpt
    My love for you will never cease nor fail. It only grows with each passing day and fleeting moment. To you my friend, my lover , my mate, I ask you but one thing. To allow me to hold you this close in my heart, in my mind, and in my arms from this moment on… till the end of time.

  33. I love to write poems about any and everything makes me feel better …. If i cant write its something wrong with me… Its a natural comfort zone for me i love to rhyme but sometimes i dont . just depends really

    Plenty of patients. ….
    By bkj

    I’m not out of patience i say;
    ………………I’m out of time
    As the clock wound
    my time wines down
    that familiar feeling of procrastination fill’s me
    i’m just patient tho
    i’m not procrastinating. .. But the word has so much familiarity to me
    It’s a comfort zone that seems to give me more time
    Huh…it’s a Silly play of words …
    Too much of anything is bad…that’s what i heard
    Not enough of anything is depriving
    And when u have everything you want…you still need something.
    But what?…
    I say just have patients
    But i guess not too much.huh.
    Lately i’ve been feeling out of shape .
    Sitting here waiting on things to get better…
    Not moving cause i don’t want to miss my big getting this
    Life thing right ….
    Praying for patience because im so eager to fulfill this purpose….
    That i’m still waiting to see
    But i’ll be patient . no procrastination. ..
    Till it’s my turn to chase those dreams…
    But not too patient…
    I’ve been told i’ll be great .
    Anything i choose to do i’ll succeed
    Wish i could see what they see
    They say have patients …i say no thanks i have plenty……

  34. I feel pains in our writings,
    Because our efforts is ignored.
    Pen and paper we use for our fighting,
    Yet we never get adored.
    We write from our inner minds,
    Because down there it cluster.
    Still when the layman finds,
    He says it’s just a lobster.
    I sense much pains in our voices,
    Because our love and poetry has been neglected.
    And taking up other choices,
    Means our passion for her is already deflated.
    Together we can restore dignity to our host,
    More love to our work, we redeem most.
    On our feet we must stand,
    and bills must we pay from what we earn,
    Time will come when none can’t withstand,
    But from our fights and past they will learn.

    Echezona B. Ikeh

    1. Yes, this is an older article, so we will have to update this. It’s getting harder and harder to find places that still pay writers for creative fiction pieces!

  35. I don’t know you or how you do this
    But I tell you, you’ve triggered in me
    Something so exciting, a lovely feeling
    That has changed the way I see-
    things and inspired me to be
    Who I want to be, regardless of the people
    around me!
    I thank you, You this Random person
    for what you’ve deposited inside of me
    It’s the Greatest Feeling-
    I’ve felt in a long season
    and I hope you’d find Peace of Mind-
    Love and hope in whatever you’re doing!!

  36. One Word Verse = o,n,e,w,r,d,v,r,s 9 different letters

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    See onewordverse wow wow wow
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    Revere Odd Odes
    Swoon swoon swoon
    Do Do Do!

    Sense Oneness
    So onewordverse senses Eden’s won over
    Eden’s ever won over,
    ever won over Now

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  41. I have 1 million dollar poem ( no joke ), no way to get a million people to pay a dollar for a copy. I have 400 poems, a short story, and a novel. Is it wrong to never try so you never know if your a failure because to submit your work and get rejected leaves no doubt and then you die with your dream.

    1. Being a writer is tough, but I think it’s better to face rejection than to never try! Keep working on creating a body of work and eventually you will have plenty material to submit to agents or even build your own following for the self-publish route.

  42. Dear writer!
    my daughter have Written approx 100 poems and waiting for publication.Please suggest me how and where she can do for getting money

  43. Start substack newsletter/blog with subscription and grow your audience and paid subscribers at the same time.

  44. No more to wonder
    What the future may hold
    No more to feel
    We are in the cold

    Our hands together
    Our time is in place
    Our lives are one
    In warm embrace

    If tomorrow never comes
    If this day is my last
    Know that our love
    Will never pass

    For lifetime after lifetime
    Our eyes will see
    Each other together
    For all eternity

  45. As I sit here listening to our feelings explode can anyone truly say our words are stories untold. To look back in life and feel the pain it would be so nice if money I would gain. To be able to touch a person’s soul would be my greatest personal goal.

  46. Okay, maybe the poetry game isn’t for me. Most of the stuff I write is profusely depressing/austere…

    1. I wouldn’t say its impossible Dylan. A lot of time it really just comes down to the marketing angle and the audience you target.

  47. Poetry is dead. I mean real poetry. Readers are fed short paragraphs with metaphorical twists and the so called modern poets call it poetry. Most poets these days can’t even follow rhythm patterns, let alone use proper figurative language to communicate emotions. And the irony of all of this is that they think they are so special, and gifted because they are teaching audiences to like their mediocre poems. And worst, most of the poetry online is cut and paste—plain plagiarism.
    Real poetry has layers, playful sound intonations and aims readers to think about philosophical and existential issues and not to be spoon fed by the obvious (e.g., my heart passed away with your goodbye). So, literally anyone can be a poet on social media, as long as they can put two sentences together.

  48. To the one who forgot
    the melancholy of yesterday,
    this is for you.

    Embarked in the old oak
    tree is nothing but a galaxy.
    Where stars and planets
    are all but scattered
    except you and me.

    ‘Cause we collided;
    Bombarded so deep.
    From the moment we
    listened to every
    escaped music
    Until they’re listed for keep.

    So for the last time
    To the one who forgot
    the melancholy of yesterday,
    This is for you.
    Still, for you.

  49. Good morning all, I have been writing poetry since a young age and love it! I have written many personal poems for friends & family over the years but would really love to earn extra income from this.
    I am new to all of this and wonder about copyright etc. If anyone has any advice it would be gratefully received

    Many thanks for all the tips, I am determined to do this!! Its my passion and I feel purpose in life.

    Take care all
    Karen x

    1. Hi Karen!

      Copyright is a complex subject and laws vary greatly worldwide. There are so many avenues to explore as a writer, such as licensing, self-publishing, works-for-hire, selling your work as royalty free, etc. The best place to start is to research the copyright laws where you live and see what is required by law. Understanding the different business models surrounding copyright laws can help you decide which path will help you best pursue your writing craft.

      There is definitely a lot to cover in copyrighting for writers but hopefully that will help you get started in the right direction for research!

  50. Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much . It’s so frustrating writing and having no clue how to get it out so people can read and you can at least earn some cash. I will definitely be trying some poetry cards.

  51. For all the disgruntled, depressed, distressed and demoralized poets out there, keep on writing.

    Don’t be a poet my son, the world has moved on,
    Gone are those days when reading poems was fashion,
    People have better things now, to spend their time on,
    WhatsApp and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the list goes on,
    It is better to make a living doing something else than poetry to depend on.

    Fool was I to think there was magic in words,
    Poets with their poems put endless meaning to words,
    Gone are the days when people argued about their interpretations of those words,
    People have lost patience to read the words,
    Poems rot in books with no one’s eyes on their words.

    Everything has to be instant and fast,
    How can something beautiful be enjoyed in such a short time span,
    Time is of the essence and enjoy they must as much as they can,
    What kind of world it is when the written word has lost its importance,
    Give us a chance, It was our words that brought us this far.

    Never will I give up writing for it is my passion,
    Even If i have to scrape by with not much to feed on,
    I will let my creativity flow, It does not matter if nobody comes along,
    As long as I can read my own words with joy, I will write on,
    Someday I hope the world looks back at our poems and embraces it with arms open.

    – STD

    1. It is sad, it is true,
      people found the poets odd and naive,
      they don’t care about things
      like the beauty of speech,
      like the power of words
      and how it can heal.
      It is sad, we have lost
      as human beings
      the capacity to feel
      the magic in the art,
      how valuable it is.

  52. Your eyes whisper in my soul
    Those lips saying I fall
    But we can’t still meet
    The feelings were trying to keep

    I’m on land, you on air
    Remembering how your care
    Just like the climate on December
    To cold like no lover

  53. I have samples of poems and short and long stories.I’m however very interested in writing poems everyday and could therefore be very happy if I could earn from this.How do I earn?

  54. A site supposedly accept poetry submissions. I’m curious if anyone knows if its trustworthy?
    And creating a website does sound interesting, i didnt know i could earn money this way. I’d like to ask if someone could elaborate a little on this though, since i’m not fully sure were to start with it.

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  60. So I’m reading this whilst husband sleeps
    Hoping to retire
    You see the rhymes I write for friends
    They genuinely admire

    I do it pretty quickly too
    With satire, prose and wit
    I could annotate your life maybe?
    And tell my boss I quit 🙇‍♀️

  61. As I read through the comments and have a feel for how people people’s goals were I’m going to just simply say it’s very simple to write poetry because it doesn’t take hard work to write what comes from the heart. Your experiences your emotions your thoughts your love your pain your death your son your nightmares your goals your children you know your age your trust just right from your heart and you cannot go wrong. I feel that people think too hard if you just put pen to paper Hallmark a step aside because your heart will show someone else’s world

  62. Your topic was very help full. I believe that every body should be read it.
    I am fascinated by your writing .I hope you will one day be a great writer.

  63. I’m a 55 year old undegreed man who wrote a lot in his youth. After a 30 year hiatus and destroying all my work, I had lost my connection to writing. 13 months ago a friend tasked me auth writing a sonnet based on two words. Her response, “How can you not believe in yourself?!” set off a torrent within me. Here I am 13 months later with 223 sonnets in my “book”. I have a website, Instagram and Substack. I don’t know how to move forward vis a vis marketing myself. I’m a blue collar guy.

  64. In the depths of my heart and mind, My words and feelings one I am Ryshmah, a poet by name, My verses are a reflection of my inner flame. My pen is my weapon, my words my might, Through them, I can conquer anything I pour my heart out onto the page, And my soul dances to the beat of my own rage. I write of love, of joy, of pain, Of the sunshine after the rain, Of the beauty that surrounds us all, Of the times when we stumble and fall. My poetry is a journey of the soul, A way to express and make me whole, It is the window through which I see, The world, the people, and the universe free. I am Ryshmah and with a my pen in hand, With my words floating like the wind, I am just a girl who dreams, Of creating a world

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