revising your writing

8 Tips for Revising Your Writing in the Revision Process

Revising your writing doesn’t have to be a long painful process. Follow these tips to make your revision process a fun and easy one. One of my favorite Billy Joel songs is “Get It Right the First Time.” It’s a great song, but an impossible goal, even for someone with as much talent as him. … Read more

how to build your writing skills

How to Build Your Writing Skills

Looking to build your creative writing skills? These tips can help you become a stronger, focused, and dedicated master of your craft.

5 Signs of a Strong Novel Plot

Do you have a strong novel plot? Use these 5 signs to identify weak points in your book and avoid common mistakes many writers make in crafting their story.

novel writing tips

10 Tips for Writing a Novel

Writing a novel? These 10 tips will help you finally write and finish writing that book! Learn how to start writing and sharing your story today.

how to avoid over planning your novel

How to Avoid Over Planning Your Novel

Yes, there is such a thing as over planning your novel. Learn to avoid planning too much which can stifle your creativity and take away from your writing time.