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Reject-Proof your Non-Fiction Manuscript: Use This One Secret!

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Before starting your non-fiction book, keep this one thing in mind: although there are an endless supply of topics to write on, specific editors want specific things.

Just as there are endless topics to write about, there are endless subtopics within that topic. I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not a mind reader! How should I know what an editor wants???”

The answer is quite simple. The majority of editors get TONS of submissions per month. And, they want to eliminate what they do not want to publish and receive more of what they do want to publish.

So, are you ready to learn the secret? Here it is:

Publishers provide guidelines, some of which can be quite specific right on their websites! It’s THAT easy. You may want to do a quick internet search on publishing houses that publish work within your niche. For example,  Woodbine House, a publishing company that publishers on books for people with disabilities lists the following criteria directly on their website.

Our current needs include, but are not limited to:

• Parents’ guides to raising children with specific disabilities

• Guides to specific issues related to a given disability (e.g., communication skills)

• Practical guides on topics that concern parents or teachers of children with disabilities in general (e.g., special education, sibling issues)

• Books for children and adults with disabilities, written at an appropriate reading level

• Reference books on disability-related topics

• Memoirs written in a literary vein about living with a disability or about parenting or teaching a child with a disability.

Then write your book according to the wishes of publishing companies within your niche and if you meet the guidelines they provide, you are sure to land yourself a contract!

Now you know the secret  – Shhhh. Don’t tell! 😉


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